Baby Ghost -Jump Away With Jewel, iPhone Game 2.0
Jewel Quest, choice of addictive game, better alternative of “doodle jump” or “mega jump”

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- “JUMP” in this iPhone game give you extreme freedom of your hand control which is powered by sophisticated Mathematics as a winner of Mathematical Olympiad !- “LIVELY MONSTERS” which have their own personalities and unique behaviors reacting to “Baby Ghost”.This will give you a kick out of real control over your iPhone while gaming!!!* 12 WORLDS & 30 OBSTACLES *




So what happens when one of the world’s top mathematical minds flees one of the World’s most repressed countries by dominant big players?  A Baby Ghost is born of course! Sungwook Kim the expat Korean Mathematician (with a boatload of time on his hands) has turned to developing iOS applications as a way to relax and reinvent himself. As with most genius mentalities sleep is not part of the equation so it is sublime that the first product from Sungwook Apps features a baby sleeping on a comfy pillow cloud.The object of this bouncer game is to collect as many gems as possible in your quest to help Baby Ghost find her mother. To get started you’ll need to give Baby Ghost a name then tap the screen. Your venture begins with a soft bounce off of her pillow cloud.
To control Baby Ghost you just tilt your device in the direction you want her to bounce or land.To ascend, simply float onto a cloud which acts as the spring board or catch a ride on one of the balloons. If springing into action thrills you use one of the spring clouds and you’ll rocket through the air at light speed. Be careful though because the game is literally littered with obstacles you’ll have to overcome. Most of all are the Dust Monsters which feed off of the gems Baby Ghost needs to collect. Hit one of them and it is instant death but you can earn extra points and steal their gems if you bump them while they are smiling so pay attention to their expressions.To harvest gems simply jump from cloud to cloud. As you collect them the one Baby Ghost is holding will grow in size which indicates you are doing a great job however there are unforeseen side effects. For one, Baby Ghost is less agile because of the weight of the gems. To make matters worse Baby Ghost becomes an easier target for the Dust Monsters as they really love the bigger gems and will begin to target her in an effort to steal them.Once you have harvested at least 10 gems you’ll ascend to the next level where you continue your quest to free the mother of Baby Ghost.

To avoid certain and sudden death use the balloons as they act to shield Baby Ghost. The creatures featured in the apps are real party animals and the thing they love to party with the most are these gems. The same ones that Baby Ghost needs to find her mother.

This game features 12 levels (12 worlds) with over 30 obstacles standing in the way of you helping Baby Ghost find her mother.

The artificial intelligence that has been mapped into the game makes each new level more challenging than the last. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and be very agile with your movements in the upper levels as the creatures become far more aggressive and actually target Baby Ghost with a vengeance. This can be frustrating because when it appears as though you have achieved your goal of helping BayGhost find her mother the creatures become desperate and will stop at nothing to prevent you and Baby Ghost from discovering where they are keeping her mother.

Expect weekly updates as the app is in its infancy. Upcoming editions will include enhanced mobility and more precise maneuverability.

* About BUG removal:The only bugs found in iPhone4S & iPad2 have been deleted in version 2.0.
(This was from some bugs of Apple Computer’s LLVM compiler.)

The Baby Ghost-Jump Away With Jewel Team

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